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Welcome to BOS!

BOS means “Business of Society”. This blog is a platform to discuss, inspire and reflect on CSR and sustainability-related issues. BOS is hosted?at Copenhagen Business School’s Department of Management, Society and Communication (MSC) and run by business school academics?at?CBS Sustainability: Twitter: @cbsSust?.

Thinking outside the box on corporate tax practice

Corporate tax practice of multinational corporations (MNC) have been the topic of intense debate in the media and among policy makers in recent years. Most recently the news broke that Amazon would pay zero tax on their more than 11 billion profit in 2018. The OECD have coordinated a large project on the topic and involved countries around the world in discussing attempted solutions to the issue of “base erosion and profit shifting” which is the technical term for states finding it challenging to tax the profits of MNCs.

Corporate contributions to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

The days of corporate greening are over. Many companies kicked off their sustainability strategies decades ago by picking the low-hanging fruit. But there is nothing left within arm’s reach to pick. Now we expect companies big and small to demonstrate their contribution to broader societal and environmental sustainability challenges beyond firm boundaries.

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